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We invest in ‌technology visionaries solving complex problems to reshape our world. Through a unique mix of expertise and resources, we build long-term partnerships with bold teams to accelerate their journeys.

Investing in What Comes Next

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Charm Therapeutics

Developer of DragonFold, a proprietary computational drug discovery platform


Medical imaging AI development platform that enables data management, curation, analysis, and model training at scale

Generate Biomedicines

The first drug-generation company to pioneer a machine learning-powered generative biology platform that can create new drugs on demand across a wide range of biologic modalities

Genesis Therapeutics

Computational drug discovery platform coupling deep learning capabilities with molecular simulation

Luma Labs

The 3D AI company

Machina Labs

A builder of next-generation factories using robotics and AI


Data-centric AI application development

Moon Surgical

Creator of Maestro, a surgical robot assistant for soft tissue procedures


Developer of autonomous yard operations solutions for logistics hubs


Enabler of autonomous building management through an integrated hardware and software solution


AI/ML platform focused on modeling a target's conformations and identifies compounds with predicted ADME/tox profiles


AI video generation for the enterprise


The additive metal contract manufacturer providing future-ready manufacturing with its Area Printing technology


A biotechnology company integrating experimentation at scale and generative AI to improve the speed, cost, and success rate of small-molecule drug discovery and development

Twelve Labs

Building the most powerful video understanding infrastructure